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Photoshop PSD files are not browser compatible and they cannot be uploaded to the server to be used by your users. PSD files are required to be converted to a web browser format before being available to your customers. PSD to Joomla conversion refers to a service wherein design files in various formats such as PSD, AI, PNG,JPEG, GIF or PDF converted into cross browser compatible Joomla template. Joomla being one of the popular CMS serves the purpose of easy to maintain backend with a user friendly interface. PSD to Joomla conversion services can facilitate you to create web-compatible templates of your designs while maintaining the quality.

In order to avail the PSD to Joomla conversion services, your design should be in layered PSD files.

  • Home page
  • Category blog and/or list
  • Contact us page
  • Menus, login, search etc
  • Module styles
  • Styling required for any extensions

If you only have flattened and/or PSD, JPEG or PNG files, we can still use those but there will be more work involved in creating your template and the cost may increase.

If you need us to redesign your existing Joomla website, here is what we will need?

1. You need to give us the PSD files to redesign your Joomla website.
3. You will need to provide us with either a backup of your website or allow us to have FTP/database access or control panel access so that we can copy your website and develop the new Joomla template in our secure development environment.

2. Your Joomla website should have all the required extensions installed to meet the functionality defined in your new design template.

4. The provision of all required individual images to be used in your new template.

Want to know more about PSD to Joomla template services or looking to a hire Joomla developer?

# We indulge in effective conversations for our clients according to their culture, language, and technical know-how, so you will always feel comfortable with us.

# We use all the tools for communication such as email, instant messengers, or a phone call at any time.

# We take professional approaches for best results with least investment of time and your hard earned money.

# Our support team consists of not only marketing professionals, but also include representatives of designing team, developer team, and QA team so you will have prompt and comprehensive answers with least efforts.

# We are transparent at all stages, so no need to fear about any hidden charges or any fraudulent business practices.

# We believe in long-term relationships with our patrons to we take client-centric and humanistic approaches to create smooth and strong ties with all sorts of clients.

# We always crave customer satisfaction so you can revert to us any time and for any issue with our projects.

# We aim to render an optimum level of satisfaction through remarkable PSD to Joomla template solutions.

Our PSD to Joomla conversion services have great compatibility with all the Joomla versions. We have an extensive experienced team of Joomla developers who brilliantly stands out on the expectations of our valuable clients. If you’re a digital agency or have an ongoing Joomla requirement, you can avail our extended discounts. You can also hire our Joomla developers on an hourly or monthly basis depending upon your requirements. Our dedicated Joomla professionals are passionate about coding, integration and testing to offer flawless PSD to Joomla conversion results.


Our Expertise

We have a talented pool of dedicated professionals who work in collaboration to craft the perfect solution for our clients. We develop websites that are powered by Joomla using the designs that clients give us in image formats like PSD, jpeg, PDF, etc. our developers do the tedious work of converting PSDs into Joomla templates with extensive coding, so that you get a fluid, polished and operational website.



Publishing Content Functionality

Joomla is one of the easiest content management systems to use: you can add, delete, update and edit all your content in seconds.


Small File Footprint

We not only hand-code the code to minimize the file size but optimize the images for fast-loading pages as well.


User Friendly Interfaces

Anyone can manage a website using Joomla, even if they have no experience at all. Finally take control of your website!



We offer 30 days free support and assistance for the projects we deliver to the clients. Trained professionals cater the clients with assured solutions related to extension customization and others.

Slice, Code, Develop, Launch

Developing Joomla template is a complex process, one that requires mastery in this software. Our skilled developers, with experience in Joomla, first slice the design and then develop its HTML/CSS. This is a necessary step as changing PSD files straight to Joomla is not possible. The codes are divided into organized modules for a clean structure

At this stage, various plug-ins and components are also added to the template for enhanced usability.Joomla offers insanely strong ways to use either single template for the entire site or separate for every web page and our expertise lies in the same along with the customization of the pages

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Joomla is one of the most reliable and popular CMS out there, used by millions for building their sites, blogs, etc. It comes with a wide range of extension options for template customization, which with the help of a professional developer can really help in building incredible websites.

PRITWEBS can translate your expert designs into that functionality with an affordable PSD to Joomla conversion. We understand the importance of professional, quality design. We build Joomla templates using hand-coded markups to ensure faster page load, compliance with W3C and cross-browser compatibility. We have worked on over 300+ PSD to Joomla projects and our clients have loved every bit of it!

Do you have a beautiful design and want to convert it to Joomla?

Any type of file PSD, PNG, AI, CDR, JPG, GIF or BMP can be converted to a high quality Joomla template / theme. All templates we produce are valid XHTML/CSS. Our pricing is very competitive and is set to fit your budget. if you can provide low resolution images of your designs which you want to convert to Joomla, as it will help us provide you with an accurate quote. We also provide Joomla installation and configuration services in addition.

To perform your wildest expectations of having an amazing website


Prices PSD to Joomla!!

Custom Joomla Template

Do you have your website design ready, but lack the knowledge and skills to convert your Adobe Photoshop design into a custom Joomla template document, search no further, our slicers can help you. Still, even if you possess some knowledge to convert PSDs to a Joomla template, you can ask yourself the question whether it is wise to do it yourself, as in most cases it can take up a lot of time and effort if it is not daily routine

As indicated before, Direct Basing has worked with a fixed team of highly experienced Joomla developers. If you want to convert your design into a custom designed Joomla Template we offer very competitive prices. So competitive, that it's not even worth doing it yourself.

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